Company Profile

Trade name

Star Engineering Co., Ltd.


July 20, 1972


January 26, 1980


Head office and main factory

〒316-0022 1-28-10 Onuma-cho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

TEL: 0294(38)1212 FAX: 0294(38)1215

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Suwa 1st Factory

〒316-0001 1-15-60 Suwacho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

TEL/FAX 0294-35-4082


Suwa 2nd Factory

〒316-0001 1-10-13 Suwacho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

TEL/FAX 0294-35-4081


30,000,000 yen


Chairman And Executive Director Katsuji Hoshi

President And Representative Director Tetsuya Hoshi



Business Content

◆Design, manufacture and sales of contactless IC cards and IC tags (RFID tags)

◆Design, manufacture and sales of DC micro motors

◆Design, manufacture, and sales of eco-friendly equipment (food waste disposers and bio-toilets)

Business associated with the above (including import/export operations) 


Joyo Bank、Tsukuba Bank、Mizuho Bank、Japan Finance Corporation

Overseas affiliates



[Head Office] 91/962-4 Soi Ramindra 44,Ramindra Rd,

Kannayao, Bangkok 10230 THAILAND

TEL +66-2-519-5333, +66-2-944-1135

FAX +66-2-519-5334

[Factory] 140/1 Mittaparb Rd.,(KM.205)Tumbon Ladbuakau.

Amper Si-Khiu, Province Nakhonratsima 30340 THAILAND

TEL / FAX +66-44-325-640

Main customer

Hitachi High-Tech Nexus Corporation

Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

FANUC Corporation

THK Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Corporation

Many others at home and abroad


(In no particular order)


ISO 9001

・Head office and main factory

・Suwa 1st Factory

・Suwa 2nd Factory

Scope of registration: Design, development and manufacture of micromotors, IC tags/IC card products and eco-friendly equipment (food waste disposers, bio-toilets).


※Overseas affiliates are outside the scope of registration.


Corporate Philosophy

“If we are just a little bit better than others... and are satisfied with that, we will not be able to make further progress.

Our goal is always to create products with unique wisdom and technology that others cannot match. We will always be a company to please our customers and contribute to society.”