Household Food Waste Disposer BioClean


Item / Product name BS-02

Body color: White

Maximum processing power  2kg / 1day
Processing Method Acidulo compost decomposition method
Installation location

Outside, under the eaves of a roof or other location where the ground is horizontal and rigid, such as concrete, and not directly exposed to the wind and rain.

(Do not install on soil or grass)

Operating temperature limit

Temperature at which the base material in the processing tank does not freeze (5°C to 40°C recommended)

Body weight


Main unit power supply

AC 100V 50 / 60Hz

Maximum power consumption


Body dimensions Width


Depth 400mm
Height 780mm
Accessories Acidulo base material, small shovel, spatula, exhaust hose, instruction manual, warranty card
Optional accessories Acidulo base material(※)

※If for some reason the Acidulo base material needs to be replaced in the bio-based food waste processor you have purchased, you can purchase Acidulo base material at your distributor.

※Using our base material for other companies' products is prohibited.

Reducing and recycling food waste at home

BioClean uses the Acidulo compost decomposition method, which was developed through joint research with Tohoku University. More than 85% of food waste is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide within 24 hours. The remaining 15% becomes part of the base material.

Not only does this effectively reduce the amount of food waste from households, but the base material can also be used as high-quality compost after use.

Photo: Acidulo base material after processing food waste

Compact design and simple operation

The main unit is compact and takes up little space.

Operation is also very simple: just open the lid, throw in food scraps, and close the lid. Stirring, temperature and humidity control are performed automatically, and once the food scraps have been processed, the unit automatically enters the power-saving mode, which is designed to conserve energy.

Example of installation