Coil Products

We provide design, manufacturing, and evaluation services for precision coils and their applied products. We can handle prototyping and mass production. Supports various types of wires such as copper wire, aluminum wire, Litz wire, etc. Please contact us for more information.

Coil product manufacturing

Air-core coils

We offer small air-core coils. Such as round shape, square shape, etc.

(Reference) Production specifications

Inner diameter: Φ0.3 or larger

Outer diameter: Φ80 mm or less

Wire diameter: 0.025 to 1.0 mm dia.

Winding in excess of 1,000 turns is also possible.

Alignment winding and bobbin winding


Copper wire is wound on ferrite cores or plastic bobbins in alignment. We provide precision coils with perfect alignment and shape stability by self-bonding wire.

We support our customers from prototype development through cutting and injection molding of bobbins, insulation coating of core materials, film insulation, etc.

Sensor coil winding and assembly


We provide coils wound on air-core coils and ferrite cores with cable connection, encapsulation in a resin case, and assembly.

We can also provide custom-made coils for metal displacement sensors, current sensors, and eddy current testing coils.


Winding and assembly of flat coils for wireless power supply


(Production example)

Outer diameter Φ40, inner diameter Φ10

Litz wire Φ0.06 x 54 wires 27 turns

With magnetic sheet, board mounting