Bio-Toilet Features and Mechanisms

Our bio-toilet "Biolet" utilizes our patented Acidulo compost decomposition method, which has excellent performance in efficiently decomposing and reducing the volume of human waste. This device decomposes and processes human waste in a short time by cultivating decomposing microorganisms in the base material and making them more active.

Bio-Toilet "Biolet" reduces costs with three unnecessary factors

The Acidulo compost decomposition method decomposes human waste into water and carbon dioxide gas. The system does not require pumping or purification of sewage, which was indispensable for conventional temporary toilets, and contributes to reduction of maintenance costs for such operations.

Since the toilet can be used without flushing water, it can be installed without any work on the water supply and drainage pipes. This contributes to reduction of initial costs.

Acidulo compost decomposition method has a long-lasting decomposition effect, so it can be used for a long period of time (more than 10 years) without adding or replacing base materials. If the system is used correctly by complying with the frequency of use, etc., running costs can be significantly reduced.

Mechanism of the eco-friendly and clean bio-toilet "Biolet"

▶︎ Acidulo compost decomposition method

Acidulo Base Material
Acidulo Base Material

The "Acidulo compost decomposition method" used in Biolet was developed by the Department of Bioengineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, in collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology, Tohoku University.This revolutionary composting method was jointly developed by Professor Tokuzo Nishino (currently Professor Emeritus), Professor Toru Nakayama, and our company.

The microflora living in the base material maintains its high decomposition ability for a long period of time. By combining this base material with a heating and stirring mechanism, human waste is efficiently decomposed.

▶︎ Schematic diagram of human waste decomposition by the bio-toilet "Biolet"

▶︎ Spec

Item / Model BT-S BT-L
Processing power 20times/1day 40times/1day
Processing method Acidulo compost decomposition method
Installation location ※1 Inside the special shed
Operating temperature limit Temperature at which the base material (human waste) in the processing tank does not freeze (5°C to 40°C recommended)
Weight ※2 48kg(only a main part) 85kg(only a main part)
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Maximum 380W Maximum 720W
Body dimensions Width 640 Depth 485 Height 515mm 幅670 Depth 800 Height 755mm
Attached equipment Deodorizer(Sold separately) 

※1:The shed to be installed is optional. Please prepare it by yourself or order it separately.

※2:The weight listed is that of the toilet itself and does not include the weight of the accessory equipment and shed.

※3:Custom-made products other than the above specifications are also available.